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Please visit our Valued partners, by clicking on the links below.

  1.  THE MISS ETHIOPIA WORLD CONTEST    The official website of the Miss Ethiopia World Beauty contest, designed to increse HIV & AIDS Awearness amongst young people and expecially women in Ethiopia and beyond, fantastic prizes and trophies are available.
  2. ETHIOVIEW  A great Ethiopian website and a sponsor / strategeic partner of ours, visit their website and make their website you home page for jumping on the Net, lets support all things Ethiopian!
  3. The 2004 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Sunday, 16 May 2004 The theme for the 2003 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial focused on establishing a "personal vision" in honor of those who have been touched by HIV/AIDS.
  4. ETHIOPIAN TOURISM COMMISSION Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes; a land of remote and wild places. Some of the highest and most stunning places on the African continent are found here, such as the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites - and some of the lowest, such as the hot but fascinating Danakil Depression, with its sulphur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape. Ethiopia is old; old beyond all imaginations. As Abyssinia, its culture and traditions date back over 3,000 years. And far earlier than that lived "Lucy" or Dinkenesh, meaning 'thou art wonderful', as she is known to the Ethiopians, whose remains were found in a corner of this country of mystery and contrasts.



The Ethiopian Fife Foundation is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Orgnaistion, dedicated to HIV awareness and humanitarian projects in Ethiopia


All events, projects and programmes are subject to change and may be subject to Government approval where required, The Ethiopian Life foundation nor any of its officers shall be held responsible for any event  hither to advertised but not approved or cancelled for any reason