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Accademia Italiana Moda and Design 

Via Pisana, 179 50143, Firenze (055) 712679(t) (055) 714261(f) 


language, drawing, painting, fashion, illustration 

Offers courses all year round  

Arte Moda 

Via Martelli, 8 50129 Firenze (055) 298626(t) 


Each term is divided into 15 weeks 

Design School for the Clothing Industry 

Piazza Beccaria, 6 50121 Firenze (055) 246261(t) (055) 572125(f) 


Courses last for 2 years. 

Fashion Institute of Technology 

Villa Strozzi Via Pisana, 77 50143 Firenze (055) 700296/7(t) (055) 700287(f) 


The Fashion Design Program is comprised of two two- year courses. 


Villa Strozzi Via Pisana, 77 50143 Firenze (055) 739961(t) (055) 700287(f)


Classes are 30 hours per week per semester.

Istituto Marangoni 

Via Naurizio Gonzaga, 6 20123 Milano (02) 86463555(t) (02) 89010611(f) 


The schedule depends on which field the student chooses to study. 

Domus Academy 

Strada 2, Edificio C2, Milanofiori 20090 Assago- Milano (02) 8244017(t) (02) 8257496(f) 


Istituto di Moda 

Sede Centrale Viale Abruzzi, 48 20131 Milano (02) 29521071(t) (02) 29518859(f) 


Most courses run 2 years 

Scuola Superiore della Moda 

Via Paola Bassi 3 20159 Milano (02) 6686867(t) (02) 6684413(f) 


School offers a variety of different courses, most of which last one year. 

Istituto Secoli 

Via G.Prina 5 20154 Milano (02) 314541(t) (02) 312333(f) 

Milan, Bologna, Empoli, Padova, and Ancona 

Contact school to learn about course scheduling. 

Istituto Europeo di Design 

Via A Sciesa, 4 20135 Milano (02) 55194802(t) (02) 5469410(f) 

Milan, Turin, Rome, Cagliari 

School has courses ranging from interior design to photography. 

Most courses last up to 4 years

Costume and Fashion Academy 

Via della Rondinella, 2 00186 Rome (06) 6864132(t) (06) 6874867(f) 


jewelry design, art direction, pattern design 

1-4 year courses depending on the area of study. 

Scuola dell' Abbigliamento Ida Ferri 

Via Volturno, 58 00185 Roma (06) 4941009(t) (06) 4457167(f) 


Courses last from 2-7 months. 

ECBS College 

Via Cimone, 110 00141 Roma (06) 898605(t) 


offers classes in Italian language and art. 

2 year course 

Courses of Fashion Design and Marketing, Fashion Management

Via Guizzelmi, 6 - 59100 Prato (PO) - (057)421859 (t and f)




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