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About Us

Andy A Abulime

President and CEO


Ferehiyewit Abebe [Miss Universe-Ethiopia 2004]

Deputy National Director and Consultant


Girmachew Aseffa

Public Relations Manager


Tseahye Mehari

Fashion Consultant


Aklilu Tewelde

Event A/V Director and Consultant

Our History

We are the exclusive licence holders in Ethiopia for the most prestigious pageants in the World like Miss Universe®; Miss Earth®; Miss International®; Miss Nations®; Miss World Univ®, Miss Tourism Planet®: Teen Model of the World®, Miss World Tourism®, Top Model of the World® and several other pageants, we are unrivalled and unmatched in the exposure we can provide for young Ethiopian girls on the International pageant scene.


We held the first truly National pageant of modern times in Ethiopia, in 2003; with our Miss Ethiopia-World®, and since then we have become recognised as the undisputed leader in our field, as other individuals jump on the pageant band wagon, however our creativity, constant innovation and resourcefulness and an uncompromising professional approach are our strengths and hallmarks, and are what keep us ahead of the game in this business


Our Mission


Our goal and mission statement is to provide universal opportunities to young Ethiopians where ever they live, and we aim to do this though our community based programs Our objectives in holding this Beauty Pageant, is to give young Ethiopian Girls an opportunity to give some thing back to the community, by using their God given gift of beauty to help less fortunate girls and children in their community


Miss Ethiopia-USA® and Miss Teen Ethiopia-USA® will also be  Goodwill Ambassadors, promoting Ethiopia and Ethiopian culture in the United States, and on the International stage in a series of Public appearances and promote Humanitarian causes that affect the Ethiopian people around the World.


We also Aim to:


To offer a solid venue where young women from 15 to 26 years old can grow personally in poise, confidence, goal-setting, public speaking and communication skills, physical fitness, and self-discipline.

To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities, not only to the winner, but also to all the young women who participate.


To form a special network of like-minded organizations dedicated to common goals and objectives for maximum benefit to the country


To help those less fortunate in the community such as orphans etc

To provide a positive alternative to the many destructive activities that lure our young people today.


To promote Ethiopia on the world stage and encourage tourism and visitors to Ethiopia

To promote our sponsors throughout the World.

To promote involvement of contestants and title-holders in community service programs and charities.