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Frequent Question and Answers

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Frequent Question and Answers


Q: When will the show be held?

A: At the moment it is scheduled for 1st quarter of 2004

Q: Where will it be held?

A: In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Q: How many designers do you have?

A: At the present time we are still compiling the list of designers but we expect about 60 designers to participate

Q: What is the closing date for registering?

A: 14th February 2004

Q: Is it only for female designers or clothing?

A; No, you may showcase accessories, and mens wear as well

     as jewellery.

Q: Do we need to bring our own Models?

A: No, Ethiopia is know for its legendary Beautiful girls and

    the Miss Ethiopia World Organization will provide you

    With Models from the 2004 Miss Ethiopia World Beauty

    pageant for the show.

Q: What about if I have a model that I want to showcase,

    can I bring them?

A: You can do that

Q: Can I pick the models that I want to use in my show?

A: We would like to give every one an equal opportunity to

     work in this fashion show case, so yes you may interview

     And audition the models for you show if you would like

     to, or we can assign models to you

Q: Some of my designs are a bit revealing, will your models

     be willing to model them

A: We like to think that they will, but ultimately it would

    depend on the model and the particular designs you were 

    Showcasing some models will not do any nudity due to

    cultural or religious reasons and we respect that

Q: Will we require visas and can you arrange this for us?

A: Yes, we can provide you with all the necessary assistance

    required to obtain a visa to enter Ethiopia.

Q: Can you arrange Hotel accommodation for us?

A: We would be happy to arrange accommodation for you

     prior to you arrival including collections from the


Q: Are there any registration fees for the show we need to be

     aware of?

A: There are no registration fees for Ethiopian Designers, but

     there are for International designers, the amount is

     expected to be nominal and will depend on the number

     of interested International designers committed to


Q: What about set designs, can I have my own set designed?

A: As there will be several other designers involved it will 

    not  be practical to have each designer design their own

    set, You may specify the type pf lightings, music, and

    provide your own logo back ground for cat walk entrance



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