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Miss Ethiopia Worlds Summer Essay Contest

This essay contest is open to all students in Ethiopia in two groups,

  • 12th grade students and below, in the Junior category,
  • 12th grade + and above including University and College students in the Senior category,

The title of the Essay is:



The Rules are simple,

All essays must be hand written by the author who must write:

  •  His / Her name, Age
  • Date of birth,
  • Full postal address and telephone number At the bottom of the essay,
  • A recent full-length colour photo must accompany every essay

The length of the Essay is as follows:


Junior category           Senior category

Not less than 500 words                    Not less than 1200 words


[All essays should be written in English, if they are written in Amharic there must be a translated version attached to the original and the person translating the essay must provide his full name address and relationship to the author of the essay]


All entries must be received by 30th September 2004 to qualify for judging, all entries that meet the qualification standards will them be judged by a panel and the winners will be announce in the National press, and honoured at the First Annual

Miss Ethiopia Worlds




Junior Students         Senior Students

  [12th grade secondary students and under]   [12th grade +, college and university students]


    1st prize           2000 Birr                                                       4000 Birr

                 + summer scholarshiop                                + summer scholarshiop

                       in LONDON                                                          in LONDON

   2nd prize           1000 Birr                                                        2000Birr

   3rd prize             750 Birr                                                        1500 Birr

   4th prize              500Birr                                                        1000 Birr

   5th prize              400Birr                                                          800 Birr


In addition to the cash prizes the top ten essays will be awarded a Nice Trophy, a Plaque, a Certificate of participation and a special Signed photo with

Miss Ethiopia World .



To participate kindly send your Full name and address to the address below, and we will send you the Full instructions of how to participate.


Miss Ethiopias Summer Easy Contest

P.O. BOX 9889

               ADDIS ABABA


The Ethiopian Fife Foundation is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Orgnaistion, dedicated to HIV awareness and humanitarian projects in Ethiopia


All events, projects and programmes are subject to change and may be subject to Government approval where required, The Ethiopian Life foundation nor any of its officers shall be held responsible for any event  hither to advertised but not approved or cancelled for any reason