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Miss Ethiopia World presents







A special candle lit Remembrance for all those people who have died from HIV / Aids in Ethiopia

Miss Ethiopia World would like to invite the entire public to a solemn memorial for all our beloved ones who have been lost to HIV & Aids over the last few Years, If you have ever felt the pain of losing some one to this disease or know of some one who lost their life to this disease please come and remember them, let them and the whole world know that we are not going to let this disease conquer us, our spirit or our determination,

We will fight till the end and we the great Ethiopian people shall emerge victorious Against HIV & AIDS just as we have always emerged Victorious when faced with adversity,

The memorial will feature a spectacular compilation Montague of top stars such as


R KELLY, P DIDDY, Michael Bolton and many more, performing some of their most famous hits


For VIP tickets

Call 21-23-56


Venue: Mesekel Square

Date: September 30th 2003

Time: 12O clock till 2 Oclock in the evening,

Admission price: only 5 birr + YOU MUST bring a candle


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The Ethiopian Fife Foundation is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Orgnaistion, dedicated to HIV awareness and humanitarian projects in Ethiopia


All events, projects and programmes are subject to change and may be subject to Government approval where required, The Ethiopian Life foundation nor any of its officers shall be held responsible for any event  hither to advertised but not approved or cancelled for any reason