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Equipment contracts

Below is a list of equipment and services we are currently seeking, as a qualified supplier, you may bid on any of the contracts that interest you,

  1. Contract to supply 20 Video Projectors
  2. Contract to supply a WAN Computer network
  3. Contract to supply 75,000 Printed T shirts
  4. Contract to supply 75,000 Baseball caps
  5. Contract to supply 75,000 Visor hats
  6. Contract to supply 75,000 Ballpoint pens
  7. Contract to supply 75,000 Bike bottles
  8. Contract to supply 70,000 Calenders
  9. Contract to Design Head Office Building
  10. Contract to supply 24 turn key HIV testing laboratories
  11. Contract to build 24 Free HIV Testing Centers in  Ethiopia 
  12. Contract to supply Uniforms
  13. Contract to build 2, 600 bed Homeless shelter / Orpahnage



  1. Contract to supply 400 3 way speakers
  2. Contract to supply 100 700 watt Amplifiers
  3. Contract to suply 100  dual Cd decks
  4. Contract to supply 150,000 throwing beads
  5. Contract to supply 300 GSM phones
  6. Contract to supply 50 Electric Generators
  7. Contract to supply 40 Satelite phones
  8. Contract to supply 350 2 way radios
  9. Contract to supply 20  42 inch Plasma screens
  10. Contract to supply 20 4x4 vehicles
  11. Contract to supply 30 4/5 door vehicles

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 To Bid for any of the contracts, please submit 4 copies of the S.B.F. [Standard Bid Forms] Available as each project goes "Live"

The Ethiopian Fife Foundation is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Orgnaistion, dedicated to HIV awareness and humanitarian projects in Ethiopia


All events, projects and programmes are subject to change and may be subject to Government approval where required, The Ethiopian Life foundation nor any of its officers shall be held responsible for any event  hither to advertised but not approved or cancelled for any reason