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Selam and Welcome to our web site!

The Ethiopan Life Foundation welcomes you to our website and are pleased that you have taken the time to vist us, we are dedicated to  a Massive HIV & AIDS awearnes campaign to inform the Citizens of this great country of the dangers and consequences of recless behaviour and lifestyles, 


Our  Queen for the new Ethiopian Millennium

    Miss Millenium Queen

Kidan Gebregziabher


Will be the cornerstone of our approach to tackling these social problems in Ethiopia
Our organization was set up to keep the people of Ethiopia informed and educated about HIV & AIDS via a non traditional means of information, by using  public infomation tools that people can relate to, in real life sitiuations.
Yes there are several campaigns going In Ethiopia, organised by several NGO's, and we aim to be in the fore front of the WAR on HIV in Ethiopia, by using non traditiona methods of bringing young people whom are most at risk to an event, where they can enjoy themselves and take home a special life saving message. 

We aim to be a major force in HIV and Aids Awareness in Ethiopia for the forceable future. 

We also aim to stay focussed on image improvement for Ethiopian on the international stage, through associations with carefully screened and reputable international organisation, such as the in Tourism and Fashion sectors. 
The World is ready for Ethiopia, the question is, Is Ethiopia ready for the World?
Please join us in our efforts!
Hail Miss Millennium Queen
Come and join our party!  As we take Ethiopia to the Miss Universe pageant

The 3 Queens of Ethiopia


On June the 1st 2004 for the first time in history, Ethiopia participated in its first ever Miss Universe Pageant.


Never in the 54-year history of the contest has Ethiopia been represented at the Miss Universe pageant, and we are honoured and delighted to be the organisation that takes Ethiopia to this the most prestigious pageant in the Universe.


So on that night one lucky girl was be the envy of billions of young women, and millions of young Ethiopians round the World, Miss Ferehiyewot Abebe proudly went where no Ethiopia woman has gone before.


She  represented Ethiopia, and it's centuries old proud culture and history, at the biggest show on Earth in front of an expected 2.5 billion worldwide, [shall we say .Universe wide??] T.V .viewers.


In 2007 the search for the ultimate crown in the Universe continued with KDAN TESFAHUN, A multitalented and energetic young woman she was Ethiopia's premier beauty Queen of the Millennium and was crowned MISS MILLENNIUM QUEEN

on November 4th 2007  We set another first by crowing Miss Tourism of the Millenium in Ethiopia



Long live Ethiopia


Due to the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism's failure to meet it’s obligations to our foundation and breeches of guarantees used to secure  the Miss Tourism of the Millennium event we produced for Ethiopia in 2007, we regret to announce the hosting rights for Miss Tourism of the Millennium II have been withdrawn for Ethiopia, and this event will no longer take place in Ethiopia.

We are currently in discussions with GABON, KENYA and DUBAI to host this event in 2009.  

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